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Whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka has dependably been an extremely energizing movement. The excite that you get when you witness these wonderful and mammoth creatures is continually lowering. You can appreciate these undertakings for the most part amid the morning and evening, while the morning trip is viewed as the best to give it a shot. Sri Lanka is arranged inside the International Whale watching Commission’s secured zone in the Indian Ocean. Of the 80 types of cetaceans watched and distinguished around the world, 26 are found in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, which we can get to unreservedly.

Dondra Point/Mirissa

With examine discoveries affirmed by numerous specialists in the field that the profound southern waters off Sri Lanka [ off Dondra point] is the best on the planet for seeing blue and sperm whales, you are guaranteed that your wager put on the blue ocean in Sri Lanka has the most elevated likelihood of winning. The most elite months are December – January and April while February and March are likewise too great to miss. Need to maintain a strategic distance from uneven/unpleasant  days. Mornings hours are the best!


Regardless of its regular magnificence, the western peninsular range of KALPITIYA in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka is surprisingly untouched by tourism. Be that as it may, for those sufficiently fortunate to visit, there’s a plenty of things to see and do! Affectionate angling group, crisp ocean bottom, the Dutch Fort and St.Peter’s KirkChurch give intriguing and differed potential outcomes to the guest.Despite the fact that whale sightings are not that incessant off Kalpitiya contrasted with Dondra, it’s as yet a standout amongst other spots to see the regularly grinning and singing chirpy Dolphins. On the off chance that you are at the ideal place at the opportune time – which you can depend to us – the spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya will give a show in their hundreds, maybe even in their thousands. November to April is the best time. Need to maintain a strategic distance from uneven/harsh days. Mornings hours are the best !

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