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Multicultural Sri Lanka has been positioned as the world’s fourth best non-Islamic goal for Halal-accommodating travel. Sri Lanka’s positioning is according to an aggregation by Halal site Crescent rating which has recorded best 10 goals among Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and in addition non-OIC states. Bosnia and Herzegovina top the last classification took after by Singapore, South Africa and Sri Lanka. In posting Sri Lanka, the site said Sri Lanka’s vast Muslim populace implies Halal eateries are galore notwithstanding number of Muslim-possessed roadside nourishment outlets. There are a lot of alternatives to discover Halal Food in Sri Lanka to enjoy for a guest there. Because of the expansive and dynamic Muslim people group  Halal Food in Sri Lanka, is broadly accessible over the island.  However just a modest bunch of them have  themselves guaranteed as Halal by the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), which is the principle Halal Certifying body in Sri Lanka. At present the Halal ensured outlets are for the most part fast food chains.

There are likewise a number eateries which guarantee that they serve Halal nourishment, despite the fact that they have no affirmation. The majority of them are Muslim claimed. It is prudent to check with local people previously you select such an eatery to feast. Aside from the fast food chains and the fine-feasting eateries, there an a significant number of roadside sustenance outlets which are Muslim possessed and serve “Halal Food”.There are additionally an assortment of bites referred to locally as “Short eats”. They are generally sold in bread shops or coffee shops. The greater part of them don’t have a Halal testament. Albeit a large portion of them don’t serve pork based “short eats”, it regards check with neighborhood Muslims where to purchase Halal ones. They are awesome tidbits to have as starters or with tea or coffee. They additionally have a scope of desserts produced using rice flour and coconut Milk.

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