Who we are?

Accenttec Holidays is a leading rent a car and a tour operator company in Sri Lanka


At Accenttec Travels & Tours we seek excellence when it comes to service. Our aim is to provide high quality services at an affordable cost enabling us to remain a step above competitive agencies. We constantly work towards putting together comprehensive travel packages that are targeted to a range of tourist types from the romantic to the adventurous. Be it a solo traveler or a family group our mission is to ensure that our clients make the most unforgettable memories. We work towards expanding our relationship with hotels, tour operators and guides within Sri Lanka to keep improving our standards & the amenities we can offer. By upgrading & maintaining our very own fleet of tour vehicles we are further able to provide great rates & hassle free tours to our clients.

We strive to keep improving our offers, allowing clients to experience the best of this beautiful Emerald Island with minimum effort on their part!

How we do it

By making connections with leading hotels to ensure you get the best rates as well as by maintaining our very own fleet of tour vehicles we are able to provide our clients with the lowest rates, without compromising on the luxury or quality of our tours

Why we do it

Accenttec Travels & Tours takes joy in providing clients with a range of packages that allow them to experience the wonder of Sri Lanka. As ardent travelers we have seen & been mesmerized by the beauty of this tiny island & are overjoyed to share these beautiful experiences with you as well.

Why it’s important

When taking a vacation or a holiday it’s important to take the time to meet with a travel agent in order to avoid unnecessary trouble. Travel agents have the ability to provide us with the best options and prices when it comes to where to stay & how to travel. Since they are equipped with the proper training and knowledge about the tourism industry they can provide prospective travellers with the best overall solution to their individual travel needs!